Charlotte & Lee's Wedding Day

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Charlotte & Lee

Wedding 16/02/2019

I arrived at the Elan Valley Hotel around 9am, to shoot the wedding of Charlotte and Lee!

The hotel is set in the beautiful surround of the Elan Valley which is famous for its Dams!! Even top Gear have filmed in the area, and the famous Land Rover up a dam wall was filmed here!!

I went up to the Bridal party and everyone was very relaxed and there was no stress or nerves about!!

I said ‘Hi’ to everyone and introduced myself, although I didn’t need to introduce myself to the Hair & Make-up team as one of them was my sister-in-law!!

After the introductions I took aside the Dress, Flowers and Engagement Ring and went about getting some detail shots in the nearby bridal suite

Charlotte and Lee watermark-1Charlotte and Lee watermark-1

Once I had finished the detail shots, I started shooting the bridal party getting ready, this lasted for around 2 hours?

Charlotte and Lee watermark-2Charlotte and Lee watermark-2

Charlotte had asked for a couple of shots of Lee and herself before the ceremony and sent me the Ideas she had, so this was done around 30 minutes before the ceremony.

The ceremony was a short 20-30 mins ceremony.

Once the ceremony was over, I floated around for a short while getting some nice shots of the happy couple being congratulated by their guests, then it was onto the Group and Formal Shots, and this went very smoothly!!

Then it was time for the Bride and Groom portrait session, so we headed over to one of the dams.

The weather took a little turn for the worse so we didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked, but we still got some very nice shots for the couple.

Charlotte and Lee watermark-3Charlotte and Lee watermark-3

Charlotte and Lee watermark-4Charlotte and Lee watermark-4

Charlotte and Lee watermark-5Charlotte and Lee watermark-5

When we got back it was time for the Speeches and Wedding Breakfast. As the best man had to leave early, the speeches were actually a speech!! And this was from Lee and was very short, but he made sure he thanked everyone, and a very sweet moment happened when Lee presented a Portrait of what I can presume to be a lost pet to the Grandparents of Charlotte!!

As the speech had ended, I took a well-earned rest and was plated up a lovely dinner on behalf of the staff of the hotel!!

After the wedding breakfast I floated around, getting some natural and candid shots of the guests and trying not to get noticed, I succeeded most of the time but was caught out a few times!!

I then asked for the rings from both Charlotte and Lee, to get some group detail shots of all the rings together.

Charlotte and Lee watermark-6Charlotte and Lee watermark-6

The cutting of the cake needed to be brought forward and it had been noticed the cake was starting to resemble the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’, so this was done quite hastily!!

I continued taking natural and candid shots up to when the first dance was announced, so made my way to the dance floor and got into position!! I then spent around 20 mins capturing the guests ‘Throwing Some Moves’ on the dance floor!!

Charlotte and Lee watermark-7Charlotte and Lee watermark-7

It was coming to the end of my ‘Shift’ so I asked Charlotte and Lee to gather up 4 ‘Sober’ friends and meet me outside for a few night shots!

As the temperature wasn’t great, I kept this down to only a couple of shots, but with the sparklers not wanting to light all at the same time, it took a little longer than I hoped!!

And that was the end of the day for me!! Although the bar was open till 3.30am, so it may have been a long night for some!!

I put all my gear away and headed to the bar and had a drink with the Happy Couple and chatted to a few of their guests before making my way home around 10pm!!

I had a great time shooting this wedding!! The location was brilliant, the staff were very helpful and friendly and most importantly Charlotte and Lee were so relaxed they were virtually horizontal, No ‘Bridezilla’ here!!






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